September Team: Pictures From the Journey

October 8th, 2015 by Steph Whitacre

We love our team trips because participants come from all over the map and from various walks of life to join in one common goal. In the month of September, SERV sent a team of 6 to minister at our House of Hope and the surrounding villages. Thank you to Tom Sullivan for capturing their journey in beautiful snapshots like the ones below (clicking on an image will make it larger):


Kelly Smink and a group of House of Hope children enjoying a cooler evening in Lodwar.



Our September team had the opportunity to visit the new well SERV drilled over the summer in the remote village of Nabaskaal. There was no water within 9 miles of this village. Now they have access to clean water right in the center of their village.


Village women and children celebrating the gift of food and water!

The most fulfilling life purpose journey I’ve ever been on. To stand in the middle of nowhere and pump fresh water for people who’ve never had it changed my life. If you let the little things get to you, you’re stressed out at work, join SERV International on a mission trip and come back feeling truly grateful.” – Tom Sullivan




Roy Prather and Kevin enjoying some time at House of Hope.

First, let me say words cannot explain the pure joy I received from being a part of giving a child hope. The blessing goes both ways, I believe Kevin (one of the new children) and I will always be blessed because of the love of Jesus Christ.” – Roy Prather


Benson, one of our kids at House of Hope, and some of his classmates in class on campus, where they receive a quality private education.


The new House of Hope water truck. This truck is able to deliver water to villages in need.


Anne Rex with Nancy on her (Nancy’s) first full day at House of Hope.


Last Picture

We’re so thankful for those who partner with us locally and abroad. One huge way you can get involved with SERV International is to be a part of the SERV Ball on December 7, where we will be sharing more about the mission trips and up and coming projects for 2016. Get your tickets today!

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October 08, 2015 at 7:07 pm, Tom Sullivan said:

Thank you for sharing some of the over 2,500 pictures I returned home with! The best pictures are the ones of my memories from this amazing journey. #LoveAndGratitude


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