Mikindani Royal Kids: SERV FOOD “is a second chance for our community”

August 20th, 2015 by Steph Whitacre

In addition to building strong partnerships with villages in the Domincan Republic and Kenya, SERV has the pleasure of providing food and other life-giving necessities to partner organizations worldwide. We recently received this story from our friend Adili, whose family runs the Mikindani Royal Kids School in Mombasa, Kenya.

Since 2013, SERV has assisted Royal Kids in providing their students and community with over 300,000 meals. In Mombasa, food is a scare resource for many, and children often miss school because they are working to locate this basic necessity. Royal Kids’ ability to assist children in their community with meals means more kids can attend school because they are not focused on locating their next meal.

Four years ago, Mikindani Royal Kids received a call from a local pastor. He asked us to rescue a 14 year-old girl named Amina (named changed) whose parents had sold her into marriage. When we met Amina she was on the steps of her new home – an older structure built with mud, sticks and trash bags – and was waiting for her husband to come home. The day before, 14 year-old Amina had married a 62 year-old man who had paid Amina’s dad the equivalent of $150 to marry her as his 2nd wife.

When Amina saw our faces standing at her doorstep, her face, still filled with tears, lit up. She asked if we could take her to Royal Kids School. At this moment, we knew we couldn’t abandon her. We quickly packed her few personal items and drove off to the school.

Today Mikindani Royal Kids has 450 students; 40 of them are orphans and 7 have been rescued from forced marriages. These students receive an education and are provided with food from our ministry partner SERV International.

Thanks to the donation of SERV FOOD, we are able to provide food, education and a home for these young kids. It is the miracle food that keeps our ministry going and reaching girls like Amina. Today, Amina has graduated school and is certified kindergarten teacher who loves giving back to her community.

Royal Kids partnership with SERV is about more than food; it’s a second chance for our community.

Thank you for the generosity you have shown in order to make partnerships with schools and communities like Royal Kids possible. It is because of you that Royal Kids’ students are able to attend school and grow to be healthy, strong adults who are equipped to serve their communities.

If you would like to learn more about our SERV 1 FEED 1 program, please visit our website at: servone.org.

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