Making Life Changes Personal

April 29th, 2014 by Brain Bytes Creative

Change is a pretty powerful word. Some people use it to describe those heavy metal pieces used as currency, or more recently to toss into fountains, others use the word to diversify their political campaigns. Vector, similarly to SERV, uses the word to describe making an impact in a world hungry for some good. Since late 2013, Vector has proudly partnered with SERV. This partnership has opened the eyes of the Vector family to relentlessly live by the company values. SERV reminds us WHY we are committed to being positive, WHY we are committed to care, and WHY we are committed to making an impact in the world. Recently, our Vector team took on the challenge to complete a task that was an individual milestone in twenty-one days. To mark the middle of this challenge, our team once again partnered with SERV and took part of the 5K. The 5K reminded us of that gut clenching feeling of being in the middle of a course you want to quit, it reminded us of each voice in your head fighting to stay or quit, and it reminded us of that glory feeling when crossing that finish line and how the simplest of sensations become amplified. The team was able to bring back these great reminders to the workplace to take our commitments to the extra degree. SERV pushes the Vector Global Logistics team to want to make the world more personal no matter how challenging the task because like SERV, Vector believes that change means doing something that others think is impossible.

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