Jesus is Enough

July 1st, 2014 by Brain Bytes Creative

I met Mercy in Kenya. As you can see, she’s a very joyful person.
Mercy had the intention, many years ago, to move to Nairobi, get a little place and raise her three children.

God had other ideas. He insisted that she move to a slum in Nairobi and build an orphanage for Him. Many years later, 300 children have a place to live within the despicable surroundings of that slum because of her obedience.

Most people who are the directors of an orphanage will go home at night or at least have a room of their own. She has neither. She has a bed. She sleeps in the baby room with five of the babies.

Mercy has given up everything, possessions and all, for the joys of serving the Lord. In Mercy, I see an attitude that says “Jesus is enough”.

The question I ask myself on a regular basis these days is, “would I be thankful if I didn’t have any of the quote “good gifts””. If I had absolutely nothing. If it was all taken away. If I couldn’t even move my arms and legs. If I had no control of my own body, would I still have an attitude of gratitude? Would “Jesus be enough”?

We need to ask ourselves, what are we thankful for. Are we thankful for the things that God has given us, yes we should be.

But God wants us to turn our focus from stuff and from ourselves to a focus on Him. He wants us to turn our focus away from what happens to our physical bodies and turn it to a relationship with Him. If we can do that, then “Jesus is enough”.

Then, if all is stripped away, if we have nothing; if we don’t have a house, a job, a car, a family, if we don’t even have control of our own body, we can still be joyful in the Lord. We are still thankful because “Jesus is enough”

I have seen gratitude in people who have virtually nothing. And it’s not only in Kenya, it’s around the world. People who live in a grass hut. People who don’t have any food in their homes. People who have no hope of working to provide for their family. And yet they still rejoice in the Lord as you saw in the video.

God calls us to relationship, not stuff. His goal is for us to have relationship with Him. His goal for us is to only want Him, to only need Him. Then, “Jesus is enough” even when things go “bad” (even if they are first world problems).

When traffic is snarled, we don’t get angry because all we need is Jesus.

When our best friend stabs us in the back, we don’t turn to hatred because “Jesus is enough”.

When our spouse gets sick with cancer, we are not devastated because all we need is Jesus.

When God’s will for us is going down the hard road that we don’t particularly like, “Jesus is enough”.

If we are relying on the fluff, Jesus is not enough! If we take too much joy in the fluff, Jesus is not enough.

In church talk, it would probably be called the “sufficiency of Christ”.
But I’m a simple person so I say “Jesus is enough”.

I have posted this phrase around my house and in my car to remind me hourly that “Jesus is enough”. Jesus is all I need.

His Servant,
Donnah Wilson

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