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Meet our team!

Steve L. Kasha


As the Founder, Steve's focus is on maintaining the overall vision and direction of SERV and directing key decisions for the organization. He works close with his staff to ensure that the work engaged lines up with the vision for the organization. Steve also leads trips several times per year to Kenya and Dominican Republic.

In addition to his responsibilities with SERV, Steve is the President of InterDom, Inc., a thriving international import/export company that he founded in 1990. Steve believes deeply in radical giving and has committed InterDom to being a major corporate partner of SERV.

"I believe that the more we see the more we become responsible for. In spite of who we are, God continues to use us to affect life-change in people around the world, and that is what drives me daily."

Canton, Georgia, is home for Steve, his wife Dawn and their teenage children Brian, Blake and Katie. They are members of Liberty Hill Church.


Jim Mroczko


As President, Jim is responsible for leading SERV International by overseeing the day to day operations and implementing strategies to carry out the mission, vision and direction of the organization. Jim has a heart for missions, outreach and discipleship and has a long history of helping organizations fulfill their goals. Jim has over 25 years experience in healthcare IT management with a concentration in organizational leadership.

"I believe that we are called to have an impact on the people we touch through relationships and doing life together. When we can focus and connect our life’s passion with what makes our hearts break, we can truly be servants and live our lives in abundance as Jesus promised."

Canton, Georgia is home for Jim, his wife Debbie and their teenage children Kacie, Shane, and Jeffrey. Jim and his family are members of Liberty Hill Church.


Jim Vinyard

Jim Vinyard

Director of Partnerships & Special Events

As Director of Partnerships and Special Events, Jim is responsible for fundraising, awareness and forming strategic partnerships with corporations, foundations, like organizations and other viable partners. In addition, Jim oversees all planning and execution of special events for SERV. Jim's "get it done" attitude, large sphere of influence and heart to make an impact on the world contributes to his success within the organization. Jim has over 20 years of experience in business with a concentration in large global event management.

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

Smyrna, Georgia, is home for Jim, his wife Kate and their two children. Jim and his family attend Buckhead Church.


Robbin Stewart

Office & Accounting Manager

Robbin oversees the accounting and financial areas for SERV. In addition, she also communicates with donors and supporters of SERV. Her servant attitude and willingness to help others creates a personal relationship with everyone whom she comes in contact. With over 20 years of experience in business and her entrepreneurial skill set, Robbin has quickly become the hub of our office operations.

"I wanted to work in a family atmosphere with brothers and sisters who believe in miracles, touch the lives of others and have a purpose. This is why I'm at SERV."

Acworth, Georgia, is home for Robbin and her husband Barry. They have four grown children. They are members of Hillside United Methodist Church.


Cathi Lindsey

Donor Relations Coordinator

Cathi’s passion for people and developing strong relationships is the driving force behind all that she does for SERV. With many years of experience in corporate business, she followed God’s lead to make a difference.

"God has been molding and shaping me for this position for many years. It feels amazing to be in the center of His will, while witnessing the global impact that SERV has on so many people’s lives."

Donor Relations and enhancing communication with all donors and sponsors of SERV and our children at House of Hope in Kenya is Cathi’s main focus. In addition, she assists Jim Vinyard with coordinating our special events, speaking engagements and corporate partnerships. She also works directly with Steve Kasha, Founder, and Jim Mroczko, President.

Woodstock, Georgia is home for Cathi, her husband Greg and their 4 grown children. They are members of Liberty Hill Church in Canton, Georgia.

John Nakara Lodepe

House Of Hope Visionary

John is a native Turkana and was an orphan who was raised through the assistance of Well Wishers. Instead of coming to the U.S. or another country after receiving a formal education, he elected to return to his home, Lodwar, and serve his people. John was instrumental in SERV establishing an orphanage in Kenya and shared his vision for it with the leadership during an initial visit there. John's heart for his fellow Turkana people is worn on his sleeve as is his desire is to see the future of orphans changed through House of Hope.

"When I grew up I wanted to pay back the Turkana community for what they did for me. House of Hope will surely produce leaders who will change Turkanaland and give a bright future to orphans."


Thomas Ekai Eramram

Director House of Hope

Thomas is a native Turkana. He is an ordained pastor and speaks three languages. His love for God and commitment to the children of House of Hope is unquestioned. Thomas exhibits great leadership and oversees the operations and staff at House of Hope.

"I have a calling to love and care for orphan children. This is my life work, and I am blessed to be carrying out my work at House of Hope."


House Of Hope Staff

Moses Lorukudi: Manager

Linda Kiptum: Head Teacher

Daniel Agona: Deputy Teacher

Patrick Kipkemoi: Teacher

Agnes Lojao: Teacher / Social Worker

James Lobokan Ebune: Public Health Officer

Selina Nalimo: Matron

Miriam Longor: Matron

Concepta Nawet: Land Maintainer

Michael Echakan: Greenhouse Caretaker

Naomi Msimbi: Cook

John Eregae Loseny: Cook

William Ebenyo: Security

John Langai:  Security

James Ekiru: Security

We engage in global projects that make life change personal.